25 Sep

Private Zone

Private Zone

In Jovan Matic’s exhibition, called “Private Zone”, we come into three series of works, that discuss the same topic – theriocide, its context in culture, and aestheticization in art. In the series Monster, Only hoofs, Trophies and Stretching, by tackling the subject, Jovan explores the implications of the alternative approach to ceramics as material and the possibility of the meaningful game in the form-content relation.  Small, or tense, and ripped animal skin, seems like they are from a thin and flexible material, stretchable and soft, all until we touch them. The touch creates a cognitive dissonance between the visual and tactile – we feel the coldness of the ceramics, its fragility, and its stiffness. It is with this dissonance that Jovan humorously colors the subject itself.

A piece of soft pancetta steak, or prosciutto, almost doesn’t even look like an animal. With its texture, and the other “aesthetic” qualities it brings us closer to temptation – the experience of softness, stretchiness, and nice color, will prevail, and even before we feel once live meat under our teeth, the desire will be so strong that we will not return the meat on the plate. Aestheticization inspires consummation. The qualities visual and tactile turn off the moral judgment and leave us in the excuse of our own desires. It results in a complete justification of murder. Jovan emphasizes this power of visual qualities that deceit us, “bring us into temptation”. He expresses how much influence aestheticization of reality has, for the purpose of its easier chewing and swallowing, figuratively and metaphorically.

Text: Ana Simona Zelenović

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September 25 – October 14, 2021