13 Jan

Abundance Zone

Abundance Zone

A crime was committed. There is no place left for doubt. An observer, or accomplice – the answer lies somewhere outside the gallery, in the realms of life wherefrom art draws all its strength. At home, in the street, at the dining table, at the awful place where we, accompanied by all our choices, we
must be fit to exist. In the quotidian.

In the era of hyperproduction, the decade of attention deficit, the supervenient century of the dictatorship of efficacy who’s only surviving relic is the carrot at the end of a very short stick, we have lost the luxury to carefully consider our own position (or we like to think so).

Jovan Matić’s art is not an ethical footnote. The equally sensual dance of shape and form, a virtuous aesthetic canasta as much as it is also an impudent slap on the face to public taste, it is there to make us think. The museum-gallery milieu that traditionally belongs to the left, the currently enlightened left, the educated world that enjoys the privileges of leisure and has time to devote itself to thinking about preserving the planet, ecology, sustainability (often with the mere purpose of having an innocuously versatile opinion on a given topic, at first does not act as the arena for the conflict of ideals of the posthuman world
(every oxymoron is intentional and contextually welcome). Having come to consume culture with drinks and casual conversations, we agree to be part of the machinery that observes us, scrutinizes and analyses and consumes us, and then, thrusts us back into life. Jovan Matić is a well-versed connoisseur of the rules of this social game, and it is up to his worthy teammate to leave the space of his artistic activity, not only impregnated with visual impressions in the already overflowing cerebral software, but also questioned, upset, shaken. In a
word, changed.

Text: Milica Grujić

Curator: Ana Simona Zelenović

Photography: Marijana Janković

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Gallery Novembar, Belgrade


January 13 – February 13, 2022